At Jenkins Group, consulting means leveraging our skills, expertise, and network of personnel to open doors for clients or provide unapologetic feedback that will make them better as an organization.  From providing corporate sector organizations introductions to potential government agency clients, to teaching commercial sector entities how to do business within the federal government market space, Jenkins Group builds a retainer-based consulting agreement with our clients that makes financial sense and produces no non-sense results.

Our services include:

  • Business development consulting to enter the federal market space
  • National security consulting to corporate entities focused on international terrorism threats
  • Logistics consulting and strategy to streamline overhead costs and improve profit margins
  • Crisis management consulting related to natural or man-made disasters

We offer our clients advice in planning for, understanding, and responding appropriately to the long-term strategy necessary to do business within the U.S. government.  In addition, we utilize our past professional networks and experience to educate and equip business leaders with the potential threats they face from both external and internal factors.